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What does Never Enough Wool have in store for 2021?


SCUGOG: Carol McGavin started ‘Never Enough Wool’ after learning her favourite wool shop in the community, Yonder Yarns, was closing.

“I needed a place where I could buy yarn and wool and hang out with other people [who] liked to knit and crochet and were as crazy and fun-loving as I am,” Ms. McGavin said. “So I wrote up a business plan, and everything fell into place.”

Barb Harvel is Carol’s business partner. Barb shared, her favourite part about the business is being able to teach the customers. “I love teaching new techniques to people. I love watching a new knitter go out on his or her own and understand what he or she is doing.” Ms. Harvel also said the community’s immense support is what has kept ‘Never Enough Wool’ successful over the years. “We wouldn’t do this without the community support. It is so much fun,” she told The Standard.

As of this year, Never Enough Wool has been open in Port Perry for 15 years. Carol and Barb have ‘fun things’ planned for the official anniversary day this coming October.

“We are really excited about that,” said Carol. “We’ve been working diligently to come through the Covid lockdown in fine shape.” She added, the community has been very supportive of Never Enough Wool during the pandemic.

Currently, Never Enough Wool is partnered with the Port Perry Rotary club for the Red Scarf Project. This partnership includes G-Moms. To support this project, Ms. McGavin and Ms. Harvel have arranged for one of their suppliers, Estelle Yarns, to donate yarn for the project.

The Red Scarf Project is scheduled for the winter of 2021. But, in the meantime, Never Enough Wool is also a drop-off point for the Knitted Knockers. The Knitted Knockers is a Canadian non-profit organization specializing in making handmade prosthetics for women who’ve had mastectomies.

Starting this week, Never Enough Wool will allow customers into their store, they are allowing them in one customer at a time. “We are erring on the side of caution,” explained Carol, referring to the store limit of one person entering the store at a time. During in-person shopping, Never Enough Wool is accepting credit card and cash payments. They are also keeping their business active with curbside pickup.

Orders are to be placed over the phone or via email. Then Ms. McGavin or Ms. Harvel will call or respond to your email with a pickup time. Customers will also be asked to give their credit card information over the phone to complete their purchase. Customers can also place an order by sending them an email, at or calling them, at 905-985-0030.

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