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What do you expect to find in your day?

When you wake up each morning, what is it that preoccupies your thoughts? Does the business of yesterday sweep back in, flooding you with unresolved issues which never seem to let go? Or maybe today’s concerns of how to face those difficult people, like your coworker or boss, or even your spouse or children, trouble you. Or is it the demands of a project whose deadline is closing in? Some may wrestle with those dreams and goals which have alluded them and how the path to get there has faded, seemingly overgrown with the weeds of feelings of inadequacy through time. Well, I just want to say, we need to get off the hamster wheel.

If your day starts with concern, there are things you can do to dispense with the emotional burden. Going for an early walk, with plenty of time to spare, is an amazing way to release your thoughts and allow room for nature and the quiet waking of the day to meet you. But remember, here, there would be a need to change your routine to accommodate this. The investment in gathering peace through nature around, can far outweigh whatever is shifted as a priority to give this room.

Have you ever taken a walk or been camping and felt the presence so much it was almost a new kind of loud? It’s interesting how this kind of loud is amazingly comfortable, unlike the loud we experience in our busy day. That’s because this presence is filled with the essence of stillness, the nature of peace, a kind of quiet which comes from harmony: it is the voice of God.

When the Loons’ mellow call drifts across the water, or the little birds peep or sing lyrically as they sway on the reeds in the marsh; even when the wind blows through the trees with a gentle shhhh, or the water laps on the shore, all of this is a singing forth of the praises of God the Creator. It is a celebration each day, all day, by the ones created, of the way things have been orchestrated.

In Psalm 66:4, it says, “All the earth shall worship You And sing praises to You; They shall sing praises to Your name. Selah” NKJV. “Selah” is a Hebrew word meaning, ‘Pause and think on that.” In other words, spend the time to reflect or ‘meditate’ on this truth.

God makes himself available to all of us, but He remains only around us and is mostly ignored because of our preoccupations. However, those who ask Him into their hearts have found this peace, this quiet, now residing on the inside and not just in their surroundings. If we would but open to Christ and ask Him to enter our lives, He can dwell there. But even so, for everyone, what remains is taking the time to ‘listen’ to what God wants to impart.

If we have allowed Him to occupy our internal lives, we can find His voice internally. The blessing of this is, we can then access God wherever we are in the business of our day. We can experience His quieting presence speaking, to soothe the dis-ease of our times, and heal the dis-quiet of our minds and direct our way. Are your problems living rent free in your thoughts?

It’s amazing; every creature, all creation, rejoices in the experience of Truth, the experience of what Reality (God) made it, yet suffers at the hand of man as we try to resist Life and push it to be what we want it to be. But you know, there is a kind of honour in being satisfied with truth and cooperating with design.

We never see a turtle trying to shed its shell, so it can be something it’s not. That’s because the rest of nature doesn’t fight itself, but we “self-determining” beings do, and in doing so, introduce all kinds of confusion into our lives. Collectively, as each of us attempts to assert our own perception of what things should be like on our world, this clashes, not only with the prospective worlds of others but on our insides, causing dis-ease. Beyond our idea of what we think should be, exists the reality of what is. It is this reality, God has created us for and wants to introduce us to. He does this through our acceptance of Christ, who healed the disconnect.

As long as we clear away the pushy daily distractions, whether it be through a time of early Bible reading each day and listening there, or be in a time of going for an early walk and quietly listening there, what’s important is we take the time for Gods quiet presence each day and listen to what is offered to us. This kind of thing wonderfully affects our health and outlook. Flowing from what we take time to open up to, especially each morning and evening, will be what one draws towards in life, and it will be what builds the fixtures of one’s life.

What do you expect to find in your day? Will it be different than the hassle of the rush, or will you be introduced to other aspects of life? Selah.

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