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Uxbridge Township applies for My Main Street community grant


UXBRIDGE: The Township of Uxbridge has applied for My Main Street, a community grant. The program is a $23.25 million investment, created to help communities across southern Ontario.

The Township of Uxbridge applied for this grant, after getting permission from the Uxbridge town council on Monday, January 24th, 2022.

The Uxbridge Township would like to use this grant to create a “pop-up” town square for downtown Uxbridge. The idea behind the “pop-up” square is to create a permanent town square within downtown Uxbridge. The “pop-up” aspect refers to hosted events within the square.

According to the director of community services, Amanda Ferraro, the Township may have to look elsewhere for money. Money for the “pop-up” square has not been included in the Township’s budget for this year.

“It’s not budgeted for,” said Ms. Ferraro. “If we don’t get the grant, it makes it difficult to do the “pop-up” square.”

They have the will to create the “pop-up” square… it’s just finding the funds to do it, Ms. Ferraro explained.

Receiving the community grant would also allow the Township to host multiple events in downtown Uxbridge. The “pop-up” square is one piece of what the Township hopes to do with the grant. If the Township does receive the community grant, they’ll also receive a trailer with a portable stage, sound equipment and more. This equipment could be used for events within the square. It may include an event planner as well.

In addition, they want to add beautification to lower Brock Street. Beautification may include historic pictures, hanging in downtown vacant shop windows, and extra trees and flowers.

If they receive the grant, the Township hopes it will increase foot traffic and tourism in downtown Uxbridge.

They are hoping the grant will support the downtown businesses in Uxbridge and make the downtown enjoyable for residents and visitors. “Let’s just support our downtown businesses,” encouraged Ms. Ferraro. “It’s been a tough couple of years… and the [businesses which] have hung in there deserve our support.”

According to Ms. Ferraro, this is all subject to receiving the grant application, too. They might not fund all of these things for Uxbridge, they may only fund certain pieces.

There were many committees involved, while creating this grant application and coming up with ideas. Some of the committees include: development services, public works and the Uxbridge Fire Department.

Other committees may join the collaborative effort later on in the year.

For more information about the My Main Street community grant, please visit

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