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Uxbridge Secondary School hosts first-ever Inclusive Skills Competition

CHARLES SENIOR, Communications Specialist DDSB

UXBRIDGE: The aroma of freshly baked goods filled the air, as students from all walks of life gathered in the culinary room, at Uxbridge Secondary School, for the first-ever Inclusive Skills Baking Competition. Excitement and nervousness were palpable, as participants prepared to showcase their talents, in a friendly competition celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

For weeks leading up to the event, students with different abilities had been practising their baking skills, from measuring and mixing ingredients to perfecting their decorating techniques.

The Practical Learning Program (PLP) students, involved in the competition, were paired up with one of Uxbridge SS's, Head of Culinary Arts David Brown’s talented culinary students. The competition was open to everyone, regardless of their background, abilities, or experience level. Each participant was given an equal opportunity to showcase his or her unique baking style and creativity.

The competition caught the attention of many locals across the Township of Uxbridge and created quite the excitement in this small community. The competition featured a few star-studded judges, such as: Naz Cavallaro, a.k.a. BBQ Naz, from the Food Network; Leah Daniels, country singer and Uxbridge Secondary School alumnus; as well as, former culinary student, Noelle Hobor. The judges were looking for great taste, presentation, creativity, and most importantly, if the participants involved were having fun.

As the competition began, the contestants started whipping up their creations. The sound of whisks, mixers and ovens hummed throughout the kitchen, as the students raced against the clock to finish their pieces. The air was filled with excitement and positive energy, as parents, staff, and peers cheered them on. The judges were amazed by the students' level of talent and innovation.

In the end, all participants were presented with medals and left with a sense of pride and accomplishment; and most importantly, a smile planted on their faces. The event was a success, not just in terms of the competition, but also in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone involved.

The school’s first-ever Inclusive Skills Baking Competition set a new standard for celebrating diversity and promoting inclusivity. It brought together students of different abilities, backgrounds, and experiences, and gave them an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Mr. Brown, who worked tirelessly to coordinate this event, with 12 different schools across the DDSB, said, “The dream is for Skills Canada, which promotes careers and development in the skilled trades, to include more inclusive competitions, for all of our students in the future.”

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