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Uxbridge preparing for a new chapter at historic train station


UXBRIDGE: An update on the status of the township’s lease with the York-Durham Heritage Railway (YDHR), for the train station and adjacent Metrolinx-owned railways, provided senior staff with the opportunity to express optimism for the future of the site.

Included on the agenda for the council’s meeting, on the morning of Monday, January 8th, was a report from clerk Debbie Leroux, providing a status update on the township’s lease with YDHR.

The agreement between the municipality and the heritage railway expired on December 31st, 2023, leaving the YDHR until the end of January to vacate the rail yards property.

During the discussion, it was noted, YDHR has, to date, not complied with a previous agreement with the township to remove dilapidated train cars from the property; there are two remaining on-site, as explained by CAO Kristi Honey.

According to recent social media posts from the company, YDHR is planning to relocate to a new community, but those plans have not been made public as of press time. The township has also begun to look to the future, in the week-plus, since the long-term lease between YDHR and the municipality expired.

During the council’s discussion on the matter, at their weekly meeting, Regional Councillor Bruce Garrod inquired about potential interest in the site for new opportunities, leading Ms. Honey to boast, the township has seen “overwhelming interest.”

“We have heard from several groups,” explained Ms. Honey. “From filming to short-line railways and those who wish to use the site as a venue. We are very excited for what comes next.”

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