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Uxbridge Music Hall repairs postponed to 2025 budget


UXBRIDGE: In a report, presented to the Uxbridge Township council, on Monday, June 3rd, Amanda Ferraro, director of community services, outlined a series of necessary repairs for the Music Hall. Despite some minor work already completed, Ms. Ferraro recommended deferring many of the repairs to the 2025 budget discussions.

The report is based on a visual inspection by AECOM, in February which found the building to be in generally fair structural condition but highlighted several non-structural deficiencies. Notably, the inspection revealed large gaps between the roof planks, leading to water infiltration, due to an unsupported waterproof covering. Although roof repairs were included in the 2024 capital budget, Ms. Ferraro suggested revisiting them in 2025, to apply a plywood layer over the existing wooden planks to cover the gaps.

The Music Hall features two rooflines: one covering the main structure and a lower roof covering the stage area. The report indicated, notched rafters in the lower roof lack adequate strength and should be reinforced with additional lumber. This reinforcement is also recommended for the 2025 budget. Raising the lower roof to match the higher roof, was considered but was ultimately deemed too technically difficult and costly.

Ms. Ferraro also recommended removing two non-functional chimneys, due to water leakage, pending a Heritage permit, since the hall is a designated heritage building. Immediate replacement of brickwork, at the north wall's base, is essential to prevent further deterioration, with some work slated for 2024 and the remainder deferred to 2025.

Other minor issues include: cracks in the electrical room walls, tilting stairs in the northeast corner, and drywall repairs in the basement to prevent mold and moisture. While some minor repairs have been completed, ongoing issues will continue to be monitored.

AECOM’s separate report confirmed the timber trusses, roof beams, and rafters are in fair to good condition, with no significant cracks. However, water stains and gaps in the roof planks remain concerns.

Overall, substantial structural improvements for the Music Hall are deferred to future budget discussions, with only urgent and minor repairs currently underway. This decision underscores the need for careful planning and allocation of funds, to preserve the historic building's integrity.

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