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Uxbridge firefighters collect $5,000 in their boots

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The Uxbridge Firefighters Association had another successful boot drive this year during the Uxbridge Santa Claus parade.

While walking in the parade on Saturday, November 19th local firefighters collected $5,000 from those who attended the event. Those funds will be split between the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, the Uxbridge Toy Drive, the Uxbridge Lions and the Salvation Army.

“We were very surprised. We know money was tight for families, so for people to open their wallets and share so much to support others in the community was very heartwarming,” Firefighter Jonathan Britton told The Standard.

He also explained what the community’s support of initiatives like this means to him and the fire department. “The Firefighters look for opportunities throughout the year to support people and families in the community in need. In order for us to do that, we hold the car washes and the yearly boot drive at the Santa Claus Parade. The support we received this year will keep us motivated to keep doing activities which allow the community to support those in need in Uxbridge. We never expected to collect the amount we did, and can't wait to share the money with the charities in the community that need it.”

Last year, the boot drive set a fundraising record, receiving $6,400 from the community.

“We never have a goal for the boot drive. Every year we collect the money, comment on how heavy the boots are and guess what the amount may be. Once we count the money we are always pleased to see how much the community contributed. We are happy the community can share whatever they are able to spare to help others, and that's all we care about,” Mr. Britton shared.

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