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Uxbridge Christmas Bird Count Day is approaching, Sunday December 27th are you with us?

BRENDA NEAR, North Durham Nature

This will be the sixteenth year for our count, joining thousands of other counts across North America. Started over a hundred years ago, the Christmas bird count helps monitor our birds and our planets health. Whether you count birds at your feeder or head out on our trails or for a drive, everyone who knows their birds can contribute. This is the perfect Covid activity, as it can be done alone and outdoors! Last year over 5,000 birds were counted, with 44 species identified by 52 participants, in the field and at feeders. Unlike last year, this year we expect finches to come down from the north looking for food, so our species count could go up. Rarities have already been spotted this autumn, and Christmas time may reveal others, as weather patterns shift birds and our ability to see them. Last year we were limited by fog and frozen water. What surprises are we in for this year? There are two counts in North Durham you might be interested in helping in. The Uxbridge count is on December 27th, it covers parts of Uxbridge and Scugog. To register, contact Derek Connelly by email, at or via phone, at 905-852-5432. For the Brock area, the Beaverton count is on December 30th, and you should contact John McLean, at, to participate. Fill those feeders lets be ready -the birds say thanks! .

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