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Uxbridge backs Whitby’s bid to eliminate tolls on Highway 412

UXBRIDGE: With an eye towards creating a more prosperous business environment in Durham Region, Uxbridge councillors recently endorsed a pair of resolutions from the Town of Whitby.

At Uxbridge Council’s meeting on the morning of Monday, July 15th, councillors voted to support Whitby’s recent resolutions regarding the elimination of tolls on Hwy. 412, as well as the release of employment lands abutting Hwy. 407 and 412.

The resolution calls on the province to “eliminate the tolls on Highway 412 which are a distinct disadvantage and disincentive to Durham Region to effectively move goods, services and people and to attract and retain prestige industrial and office investments and value-added jobs for the employment lands abutting the provincial highway.”

Mayor Dave Barton explained that these measures will be a bonus for the entire Region.

“This is a really big deal for Durham, and growth in the south which will lead to more tax dollars for the entire Region.”

Photo taken from Durham Region News

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