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Uxbridge Art Festival is searching for savings


UXBRIDGE: A delegation from Art on the Fringe, a local festival that runs during Celebration of the Arts in September recently came before council seeking assistance from an increase that would more than triple the group’s rental cost at the Uxbridge Historical Centre. In her presentation to council, spokesperson Jane Butler outlined the increase. According to Ms. Butler, the Festival was held at Siloam Community Hall for several years before moving to the Museum grounds following the township’s sale of Siloam Hall. For the past two years, the group has their Siloam rental rate of $280 grandfathered into their move to the museum. However, earlier this year, – and after planning for the event was well underway – the group was informed that their rental costs for the 2019 edition of Art on the Fringe were set to rise to $918. The group requested that the rental increase be reduced to $450, noting the timing of the increase after they had already begun booking artists and preparing marketing materials. The group noted that the event brings a large crowd to the museum during the annual Uxbridge Studio Tour, and has been a mainstay of Celebration of the Arts for many years. Ward 4 Councillor Willie Popp commended the group on their efforts, and suggested that they look into partnership opportunities with the Uxbridge BIA, or other community groups as a means of offsetting the increase. Mayor Dave Barton directed the group to work with township staff to work on a potential discount.

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