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Uxbridge Approves Rezoning For Grain Mill With Many Conditions

UXBRIDGE: Grainboys Holdings Inc.’s application for a zoning by-law amendment for their 351 Highway 47 land on the edge of Goodwood has taken another step forward with the release of Uxbridge Township planner Elizabeth Howson’s report on March 11th. The planner reviewed all relevant government policies and guidelines and prepared an extensive appendix as part of her review of identified issues, ultimately recommending council approve the zoning amendment and adopt the by-law. She recommended the by-law include a five-point holding provision that will only be lifted when certain conditions are satisfied. Within the provision was a requirement that all studies required by the Township are prepared to its satisfaction and the list addressed many local concerns: detailed plans for weed control, truck haul routes, limited truck delivery hours, a traffic impact brief and several site specific design plans. “Residents of Goodwood are disappointed and feel that many of our concerns have been discounted one way or another by the planner and that it just doesn’t feel like the process has worked for the residents at all,” said Conrad Richter, president of the Goodwood Conservation Association. “There will be many residents there on April 8th.” Mr. Kresho Petrovich, of Grainboys Holdings, declined to comment to The Standard. Council will discuss the report in more detail at a Special Council Meeting on April 8th at 7 p.m. and it is available on the Township website at

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