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Upcoming Netflix movie leads to policy review

UXBRIDGE: A recent Netflix film shoot has prompted councillors to seek additional information on a new filming policy for productions that set up shop in the Township.

A film shoot for the new Netflix movie ‘Awake’ recently took over a portion of the downtown area, including parts of Toronto St. and Centennial Dr., as well as the main branch of the Uxbridge Public Library. According to a recent council meeting, the shoot did cause some confusion from local residents and shopkeepers over traffic and parking.

“I think if we could put something in place, whether it’s a meeting or a checklist, just so we all understand exactly what’s being asked, that would benefit everybody,” explained Coun. Willie Popp. “Everybody would love to have movies come and shoot and spend time and money here, we just want to make sure everyone’s comfortable and well-informed.”

The extent of just what exactly the recent Netflix film shoot required was muddled by because the film company had to deal individually with the Region, Township and individual downtown property owners to secure locations for filming and parking. This, as Popp noted, left some local businesses and residents unaware that their locations had been rented out for the shoot by their landlords.

Ultimately, councillors voted to have township staff prepare a new report outlining potential changes to the film request process, as well as a review of fees to make sure that Uxbridge remains competitive in a growing market for television and film productions in the GTA

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