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Unique ways to make this Father’s Day special

Like a handful of holidays that came before it, Father’s Day in 2021 will be different than in years past. Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, much of the world continues to live under some degree of stay-at-home restrictions. Those guidelines will influence how people can celebrate Father’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Victoria Day celebrations were all affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, so people may now be accustomed to celebrating in the era of social distancing. But those looking for unique ways to let Dad know how much he’s loved and appreciated can consider these ideas to make Father’s Day special in 2021.

Game day It’s a tradition in many families to take dad to a ball game on Father’s Day. But many sports leagues have been forced to shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while even those that have returned to action are doing so without fans in the stands. But that doesn’t mean Dad still can’t enjoy a ball game outdoors this Father’s Day. If there’s room in the backyard, set up a television outdoors and stream a classic game. Many sports channels have compensated for no live action by broadcasting classic games from years past. For apartment dwellers, charge up a tablet, take Dad to a local park and let him relax as he streams a ball game.

“Go” golfing If Dad’s an avid golfer, finding a tee time on a local course may be difficult come Father’s Day. While many golf courses are were among the first businesses to reopen, competition for tee times may be steep, especially on Father’s Day. But that doesn’t mean Dad can’t still play a round on Father’s Day. Moms and kids can turn their yards into a mini golf course for Dad. Use beach buckets to create sand traps and create makeshift flags to mark each “green.” Then take turns serving as Dad’s caddies as he traverses his very own course.

Dine “out” A reservation at Dad’s favourite ethnic restaurant might not be possible this Father’s Day, but that doesn’t mean the family cannot still dine out and indulge in some of Dad’s favourite foods. Let Dad relax as Mom and the kids whip up a favourite ethnic meal for Dad, serving it up al fresco on the patio or the deck for dinner. Father’s Day 2021 will be different than any other. But there’s still many ways for families to make this Father’s Day one Dad will remember for all the right reasons.

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