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Township of Uxbridge bans all open-air fires

UXBRIDGE: Dry conditions prompt fire restrictions. Effective June 6th, the Township of Uxbridge has imposed a fire ban on all open-air burning. Dry conditions caused by current and forecasted weather patterns make burning unsafe at this time.

Open-air burning includes the use of burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces and cooking fires, as well as fires in pits. Residents may still use a barbeque or other approved cooking appliances with caution.

All persons in the Township of Uxbridge who currently have an approved recreational, open-air or oversized permit to have an open fire must follow the requirements listed on the back of the permit. One of the requirements is to call 905-852-9038 every time they wish to burn to ensure burning is permitted. At this time No Burning will be allowed.

Uxbridge Fire strongly advises all residents to adhere to this Fire Ban to ensure the safety of themselves, their neighbours and the entire community.

For further information contact the Uxbridge Fire Department at 905-852-3393.

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