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Township of Uxbridge Bans All Open-Air Fires

Township of Uxbridge Bans All Open-Air Fires

Effective immediately, the Township of Uxbridge has imposed a fire ban on all open-air burning. “At this time we are suspending all open-air fire burn privileges. The Municipal response to the COVID-19 pandemic is requiring our full attention. Our emergency resources need to be fully engaged and healthy to respond to community needs. We need to deploy the staff we normally use to manage fire permits elsewhere. We also wish to minimize unnecessary fire calls. We are asking all Township residents to respect this fire ban for the safety of everyone,” said Fire Chief Phil Alexander adding, “It is the right move to protect our community”. Until they lift the ban, they will not issue new fire-permits. Open air burning includes the use of burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces and cooking fires, and fires in pits. Residents may still use a barbeque. Uxbridge does not approve of portable outdoor fire appliances. All persons in the Township of Uxbridge who wish to burn must obtain a permit to have an open fire and follow the requirements listed on the back of the permit. One requirement is to call 905-852-9038 every time they wish to burn to ensure it is permissible.

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