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Township mourns the death of former Mayor Terry Clayton

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

BROCK: The Brock Township community is mourning the loss of former Mayor Terry Clayton.

On Friday, September 2nd, the Township announced Mr. Clayton had passed away, “due to health complications from a recent surgery.”

Mr. Clayton served two terms as the township’s Mayor, from 2000 until 2003 and from 2011 until 2014. He also served as the Regional Councillor and Ward 2 Councillor.

“It is always sad to hear of the passing of a former colleague, who had spent so many years working for our township. As a politician, Terry was well known for his involvement in the community. His passion for projects, like the walleye fishery in the Beaver River, is an example of his [dedication] to Brock Township,” former Brock Township Mayor and Regional Councillor Larry O’Connor, who served with Mr. Clayton on council during the 2000 term, told The Standard.

In a social media post, former Uxbridge Mayor and Regional Chair Gerri Lynn O’Connor described Mr. Clayton as an “outstanding community man and a very loyal leader.”

“I sat with Terry on Regional Council for several years and respected his work ethic along with his sense of humour. May he Rest in Peace,” her post read.

Current Regional Councillor, and mayoral candidate, Ted Smith explained Mr. Clayton always had Brock Township’s interests as his top priority.

“Terry was the Mayor during my second term on Council. He was never hesitant to take a stand he knew might be unpopular, especially if he felt it would be in the best long-term interest of the Township of Brock.”

Current Ward 3 Councillor, Walter Schummer agreed Mr. Clayton was a brave leader.

“My service with Terry, during the 2010-2014 Council term, started with his appointment to the position. While not a popular decision for many in our community, Terry accepted the position with humility and service. When a number of people protested the Municipal Building in Cannington, on the day he would be officially appointed, Terry made a point of speaking directly with the protesters and that showed some dedication and class. When developers came to Beaverton, to propose a controversial swap of land for a hotel/condominium and public pool, Terry knew the issue could be one the community would question, but he did not shy away from the discussion because he felt it could be of benefit to the community. That decision would likely end up costing Terry the 2014 election, but he would not shy away from what was his responsibility, to investigate such a possibility, in the interest of his community. Terry always spoke directly and without reservation on issues, and I respected him for that.”

Brock Township is flying their flags at half-mast to mark this loss. A visitation was held at Beacan Presbyterian Church in Beaverton, on Thursday September 8th, and a funeral service was held on Friday September 9th.

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