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Tow truck driver killed in Scugog

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have identified the tow truck driver who was killed in Scugog after trying to help a motorist, during the first heavy snowfall of the season, as 56 year-old Beverly Todd Burgess of Oshawa. The incident occurred on a stretch of Highway 12 between Scugog Line 2 and Scugog Line 3 on Thursday, November 7th. “A tow truck driver was here assisting [a] motorist, the driver of [a] red car who lost control and went into the ditch. While he was parked here on the side of the road, winching that vehicle out, another vehicle, [a silver car] lost control as well around 8 a.m., striking the tow operator, killing him here on scene,” Sargent Kerry Schmidt said, in a Periscope video posted on his Twitter account during the investigation of the scene. Sargent Schmidt said the roads were “snow covered, slushy, icy” at the time. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by Brad Fenney to help Mr. Burgess’ family. “Todd was 56 years old and was well known in the Scugog and Bowmanville area for driving taxi and working with Ray’s Towing,” the page read. “We’re setting up this go fund me account in hopes of being able to raise enough money to give him a proper send off, as he so much deserves. Todd would have given anyone the shirt off his back even before they asked.” Those who wish to donate can search “In Memory of Todd Burgess” on Sargent Schmidt had a message for drivers following this incident. “Anytime you see those flashing lights, those amber lights on a tow truck, red and blue lights on a police car, or lights from an ambulance or fire truck, you are required by law to slow down as you approach, be prepared to stop if necessary, move into an adjacent lane if there is one available.”

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