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Tips for squeezing more into your savings

(NC) Let’s face it, just about all of us are feeling the effects of rising inflation. Some of us even dip into our savings just to get by. Here are four ways you can find some extra money and keep building your savings for the future.

Be a coupon clipper. There’s no shame in using coupons. In fact, they’re a great way to lower your bill every time you shop or treat yourself to a takeout meal. Look for coupons in the mail and your local newspapers, or check out flyers for deals to stock up on staple items. Sign up for your favourite grocery chains’ loyalty programs to get bonus discounts or even free groceries.

Set a budget and stick with it. The only way to truly understand where your money is going is to create a budget that tracks all of your income and expenses. At the end of the month, if you don’t have any money left to put aside - or are falling into debt - you can analyze your budget to find areas where you can cut back.

Pay off high-interest loans. Credit cards are handy, but the interest rates they charge can be exorbitant. In addition to interest, missed payments for bills can incur penalties. You should always pay off your debts with the highest interest rate first. If you’re really struggling to pay the bills, contact your lender(s) for assistance. They might be able to offer you a lower interest rate or combine your debts into one manageable payment.

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