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The Uxbridge Library wants teens for their teen advisory board

UXBRIDGE: Join the teen advisory board, where you’ll have the opportunity to help your community. The teen advisory board is where local teens give their input about events and programs they would like to see.

“[The teen advisory board] is its own thing,” said Ms. O’Shea Brown, “teens making the library relevant and relatable for other teens!” They have not received any applications yet, but people have expressed interest. They are looking for four to six teens to join the board. “I’m sure, now Thanksgiving has passed, kids will be more likely to commit,” stated Ms. O’Shea Brown.

If you’re interested in applying for the teen advisory board at the Uxbridge Public Library, you’ll need a resume written and ready to go. They are asking for resumes because it gives teens a little practice when applying for future jobs. According to Ms. O’Shea Brown, committing to the teen advisory board is like a job. “There is commitment and responsibility,” she explained. “They can potentially shape the future of teen programs and the teen collections at our library. Our library is an inclusive, positive space where kids can be themselves and can feel great about making a positive impact on their community.”

High school students can also earn their mandatory volunteer hours by working on the teen advisory board.

The first official meeting will be on October 21st, at the Uxbridge Public Library in the Compton Computer lab. The meeting runs from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. The board will be meeting on the third Thursday of each month.

The library will stop accepting applications on November 18th, 2021. Even if interested persons can’t get their resume situated before the first meeting, people are still welcome to join the board.

Interested applicants can send their resumes to and contact this email for more information.

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