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The United Way of Durham Region launches its 81st annual campaign

JESSICA HANSON, Communications and Data Manager

DURHAM: Sunday, September 26th, the United Way in Durham Region will launch their 81st annual and consecutive campaign. The campaign will help support agencies, which provide more than 160 programs, which in turn provide assistance to tens of thousands of people in Durham Region.

In 1940, in turbulent, traumatic and unprecedented times, the civic leadership of the day in this community recognized, a broad community-wide campaign would be the best way to help those least advantaged and most vulnerable, during challenging and daunting times.

“We’re proud to carry on this wonderful tradition, of the community coming together in challenging times, to help those least advantaged. The example set for us, more than 80 years ago, is no less important today. Although the nature of the challenge has changed, the idea of coming together to help those most vulnerable is as important today as it was 81 years ago.” Cindy Murray, CEO, United Way of Durham Region.

We take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers, the organizations and businesses, and individuals who are the backbone of our support. Their efforts provide a meaningful and sustainable impact, to help those least advantaged, and in so doing, build a better Durham Region for all.

We invite everyone in Durham to support and assist the United Way effort, to the extent they are able. And we invite bike riders in Durham (or the surrounding community) to join us, on Sunday the 26th, for our 13th annual and consecutive Ride4UnitedWay. If you ride a bike, join us on Sunday, September 26th. Ride for fun, ride for exercise and good health, ride to enjoy the outdoors and ride to support those less advantaged.

“Riding a bicycle is good for your physical and mental well-being. If ever there were a time to emphasize the importance of physical and mental personal well-being, this is that time.” said Robert Howard, Chief Bicycle Officer United Way of Durham Region. For Ride4 information, or to register, please visit:

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