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The Township of Uxbridge wants your feedback for downtown revitalization

COURTNEY McCLURE for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The Township of Uxbridge is encouraging residents to complete a survey, sharing their thoughts on downtown Uxbridge’s future.

The information a person chooses to share in the survey may become a part of the Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Project. The survey was created to collect feedback, to see what Uxbridge residents expect from the project. The same information will be extended to local property owners, businesses, and downtown shoppers, later this summer.

If you live in downtown Uxbridge or the Township of Uxbridge, please visit the Township’s website and complete the survey. You can find the survey at

There are also paper copies of the survey available upon request. You can pick up a paper copy of the survey from the Uxbridge Public Library or Town Hall.

Completed paper copies of the survey can be returned by mail or dropped off at the library. or at the Township Red Barn Dropbox, at the front of the Town Hall.

“I am a long-term resident of Uxbridge with an interest in the future of the downtown,” said Judy Risebrough, Township’s Project Manager.

As of Thursday, June 10th, 2021, over 300 Uxbridge residents have completed the survey, which is open until August 2021. According to Judy Risebrough, the project will deliver a Downtown Strategic Plan and Action Plan by early next year. The plans will be made available for Uxbridge Council and staff, as they are the ones making the decisions for the future of Uxbridge.

The project was created in collaboration between the Township of Uxbridge, the Ontario government, Durham Region, and the Uxbridge BIA.

There are opportunities for interested community members to register for these focus groups. Access to these groups will be posted on the Township of Uxbridge’s website, under

To learn more about the Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Project, check out the Township of Uxbridge website. Visit

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