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The Township of Uxbridge is seeking revitalization of their downtown core


UXBRIDGE: “Uxbridge has an opportunity to reflect on our past, respect it, and, also, create our future,” said Judy Risebrough, referring to Uxbridge’s Downtown Revitalization Project. Judy Risebrough, a resident of Uxbridge, was hired by the township to spearhead the project, in February of this year. She is also the project manager for the Downtown Revitalization Committee. She added, she will also be working with the Chief Administrative Officer for the Township of Uxbridge, Kristi Honey. Mayor Barton and two other unnamed members of council are also involved with the revitalization project. The lower Brock Street area has been recognized throughout the township to be susceptible to flooding. With the culvert construction in that area, a large part of that area will be less likely to flood. She added, when the culvert is finished being built, it will create opportunities Uxbridge can explore, developing the town’s downtown core for its current, future residents and visitors. “What the project is going to do is look at: ‘What does Uxbridge need to do to create a downtown that will improve the economic, the social, and the physical well-being of the downtown area,” said Ms. Risebrough. The Downtown Revitalization Project had to be slated for a later month, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ms. Risebrough said it has been difficult involving the community because of the pandemics multiple reopening stages. “The government of Ontario will match the expenditures of the township, up to one-hundred thousand dollars,” explained Ms. Risebrough. “So, it’s a fifty-fifty match with the township.” The Region of Durham and the Uxbridge Business Improvement Association (BIA) are also offering financial support for the project while it is ongoing. According to Ms. Risebrough, the Region of Durham is offering up to fifteen-thousand dollars and the BIA is offering up to fifteen-hundred dollars in line of financial support toward the Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Project. “It’s a partnership,” added Ms. Risebrough, referring to the region’s and BIA’s support of the project. The Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Committee is following the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ Downtown Revitalization Program. The program set by the provincial government has four stages of planning. The Uxbridge Revitalization Project is implementing the first three. Once all three stages of the project are completed, it will bring the Uxbridge Downtown Revitalization Committee to the point where they have developed a strategic plan and an action plan. Having those two plans developed will allow the Township of Uxbridge to move into stage four of the revitalization project. The fourth stage is to follow through with the downtown revitalization using community feedback. Although she cannot say for certain, Ms. Risebrough estimated, the first component of the project is planned to be completed by December of next year.

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