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The Shall not grow old

SCUGOG Cpl. A.E. Alldred Pte. W. Belknap Pte. J. Britton Lt. C.T. Bruce Pte. F.H. Clark Pte. W.H. Coulter Pte. J. Dobbin Lt. A.B. Doubt Pte. D. Elliot Pte. B. Ferguson Pte. G. Fines Pte. J. Fox Pte. W. Giebner Cpl. D. Graham Pte. E. Grey Pte. T. Harding Cpl. G.W. Hood Pte. E. Hooey Pte. A. Hubbard Lt. H.F. Ireland Pte. F. Jefferiss Pte. A. Jeffrey Pte. E. Hohnston Pte. F. Johnston Pte. J. Johnston Pte. H. Kiddle Pte. J. Kimberley Pte. M. King Pte. J. Laidlaw Pte. J.L. Leask Pte. R. Martin Pte. R. McGill Pte. R.D. Midgley Pte. W. Midgley Pte. H. Millard Pte. E. Moody Pte. G.E. Moore Pte. A Moughton Pte. A. Mountjoy L/Cpl G. Parrette Pte. L.T. Raines Pte. C. Real Pte. A. Shakleford Cpl. H. Slaughter Lt. R.W. Soper Cpl. W. Spence Pte. J. Steele Pte. A.W. Stone Pte. J. Summers Pte. J. Sumner Pte. R. Swain Pte. A.H. Tarrant Pte. I. Taylor Pte. H. Thomas L/C C. Tibb Pte. R. Tremeer Pte. R Truss Lt. E.D. Wallace Pte. P.W. Ward Pte. M.J. Watson Pte. H.E. White Pte. J. White Pte. S. White Pte. H.G. Williams Pte. R. Wilson Sgt. J. Wootton P.O. W.M. Aldred Pte. F.A. Andrews F.O. A.S. Armour F.O. R. Carter Pte. L. Davidson Pte. R. Dingman Pte. G. Dodsley F.O. R. Emerson L/Cpl. A. Hall Pte. T.C. Hayden Pte. R.H. Hillgartner Lt. R.S. Hillier F.O. W.W. Hughli F.O. A. Johnston A/B L. Langfeld Pte. W. Leacock F.O. T.W. Leahy F.O. J.G MacMaster Pte. H. Mahaffy Pte. H.H. Mahaffy L/Cpl. T. Meneely Lt. W.S. Miller F.O. G. Mulligan Sgt. M. Spears Pte. D.G. Staple Flt/Sgt. R. VanCamp L.A.C. R. Whiteside Flt/Sgt. W.R. Willard Pte. L. Williams Pte. C. Wilson Pte. C. Woodruff

UXBRIDGE J. Geoffrey Apps Oliver Arnold John Alfred Bearden William John Bell Boddy William Harvey Bice Cleveland Booth Fred Brocket Robert F. Brooks Oliver C. Brown M.C. Chapman George V. Clark Henry Cobbledick George Edwin Cooper D.M. Coulter Gordon Crosby Harold Crosby Carl DeGeer Edwin Ross Derusha Kenneth Evans Leland Fairles F.H. Fawns James Faulkner A.C. Gall Russell Gould Marshall Graham Fred Greenwood Thomas Hartley J. Harvey Kilby Hickling George Hodges Fred Hudson R. Johnson T.R. Jones Goldwin Lapp Tom Legate Daniel Lewis F. Lott K.W. Macdonald N. Mairs G. McCarty Ralph Morrison Clare K. Morrow Clarence Myers Preston Myers Harry Newton John Norton Joseph Norton Alan Ouderkirk J. Owens George Pickering N. Raham Arthur Risebrough George Wilfred Robinson Samuel Simpson Sharpe William M. Shell Robert Smallwood Morley Shier Morley Spencely Russell Tremeer Lester O. Webster John B. Willbee F. Stephens Roy Taylor Clarence E. Thompson

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