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The Pegasus Animal Sanctuary Seeks Volunteers To Help Champion Their Cause

Established in 2017, Pegasus Animal Sanctuary is an incorporated, registered charity with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) owned by Jack and Rita Hurst. It is family operated and dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected or abandoned animals. They house 10 barn animals, and several dogs and cats who have been fortunate enough to escape the tragedy of their predicament at the hands of uncaring owners. There is room on the 97 acre facility to save more vulnerable animals, but they require additional volunteers for the task. Jack Hurst said, “We’re doing what we can, and what we believe in. Our caring volunteers have helped us build fences, fed and groomed our animals, cleaned the stalls and barn, and given the kindness and respect that these animals deserve. With our current level of activity we are seeking an individual(s)that can recruit and train volunteers, as well as manage the barn. We are also looking for someone who can be our social media outreach coordinator.”

The vision for the Pegasus Animal Sanctuary is two-fold. First, the facility will rescue and house animals to live out the rest of their natural lives in a compassionate environment, and second, they will establish an education centre, for students of all ages, to be informed concerning issues surrounding animal welfare, and the advantages of eating more of a plant-based diet. Workshop topics will focus on three key areas. Jack continues, “We want to promote that it is healthier to eat a plant-based diet, and the new Canada Food Guide suggests the same. Second, we hope to inform, in our workshops, that changes to one’s diet is better for the environment, and third, that consumption of a more vegetarian diet is better for the animals.”

Many high school students have volunteered for their community service hours, and stayed on to gain an incredible experience. For College or University students, co-op opportunities for marketing experience would be available at this location. Share your time and skills to not only help make a change, but to be the change.

Pegasus has received community support from corporations like Vos’ Independent Grocer, Peacock Lumber, Scugog Equipment Rental and Modern Niagara to name just a few. Currently, they seek further volunteer help and donations to continue to expand and grow their operation. If you have the time and skills, and the love for animals, please consider contacting them to join them in their efforts for the continued well-being of animals who deserve a second chance at a good life. All inquiries can be made by calling Jack at 647-292-1700. To find out more information about the Sanctuary go to:

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