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The importance of community plantings

by The Standard | Podcast Nov 19, 2020

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Every year the Environmental Advisory Committee gathers members from the community and organizes a tree planting. This year, things looked a little different.

The tree planting along the Kettle Pond Trail, in Uxbridge, occurred on Saturday, November 6th.

Usually, many members from the community are invited to the planting, but, because of the Covid-19 restrictions, the number of attendees was reduced. In total, there were about 16 people in attendance at the tree planting. Attendees were asked to bring their own shovel to avoid possible contamination.

Numerous members of the community, including local arborist and owner of Oak Ridges Tree Care, Clinton Harper and Uxbridge council member Pamela Beach were in attendance.

Mr. Harper said the weather was great, “It went great! We had a beautiful day and started right at 9 a.m. We had enough hands to get it all done.”

About 187 trees were planted. The team planted a variety of trees and other species of plants. Examples of the types of trees among the saplings included sugar maples, bur oaks and dogwood. According to Mr. Harper, most of the species they planted were native to the area. “We just feel so fortunate to have an interest to get trees planted and begin protecting this area,” said Councillor Beach.

Mr. Harper said the community enjoys the community plantings every year, and people recognize the environmental benefits of the plantings, so they are always happy to give their support. “The benefit of these trees will create a positive impact for decades to come,” he added. “I am really happy to have a group of volunteers to supply their time and effort into making our town a little greener.”

Kettle Pond Trail was chosen for the tree planting this year, because, according to Mr. Harper, the trees will provide habitat for local wildlife and make the park more enjoyable for people to visit.

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