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THE ARTIST WITHIN<br>By Lauren Walker

I submitted my paperwork at the Scugog Library, for my first show next January. I was filled with a sense of purpose and pride as I handed it over.

I wandered in to the gallery space in order to get a sense of how big it was. Let’s just say, I have a lot of space to fill! I was excited as I perused the current exhibition. All I could think about was how much I wish people would go see it.

As I wandered through the exhibition, I started wondering if people realize how much talent flows in this community. This particular artist deals in pastel, which I haven’t ventured to try. I picked up her business card and proceeded to wander.

The truth, it seems, is, art doesn’t really matter to the average person. I got to wondering why that is so? Why should people care about it?

We look at a piece of work and judge it by how much it costs. I’ve learned, artists spend more money creating their work than they gain selling their work. We’re often at a deficit because it costs money for material and time. Art tends to seem frivolous to most. Any commission I’ve completed is more about capturing a memory. People look at my work and are moved. That isn’t frivolous to me.

How often do we take a moment to be moved by the beauty around us?

Art is more than just slapping paint on a canvas. You literally paint your heart and soul. You put yourself out there, in hopes someone is moved by your work. I encourage you to, go take a look sometime because you don’t know what you’re missing.

Happy painting!

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