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Summer isn’t over yet: the Uxbridge pool is opening

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The Uxbridge Pool will re-opened on September 8th. To meet the Durham Region Public Health requirements, staff at the Uxbridge Pool will be limiting the amount of people allowed in the water at any one time. They have also introduced new rules for pool users and have increased their cleaning to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Anyone wishing to use the pool must register online, at the Township of Uxbridge’s website. Pool users are expected to wear a face mask when inside the building, but not while they are in the water. Swimmers must wear their bathing suit to the pool, underneath their clothes. Change rooms are available after swimming sessions so people can change out of their wet swimsuits and into dry clothes. When arriving, individuals need to enter through the Main doors on Parkside Drive, and check in with the front desk. Directional signage and arrows will also be posted for people to follow. At the end of your session, users are expected to put on their masks, gathering their belongings and change inside the change rooms. Showers will not be available for use before or after swimming. Under most circumstances, they will only allow one swimmer per pool lane to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. More than one swimmer per lane is acceptable if they are from the same household. The staff at the Uxbridge Pool have placed their membership program on hold, but are offering limited programming and will be updating their programming schedules frequently. At this time, the Uxbridge Pool offers lane, swim aquafit, and master swim. These three programs are 45 minutes each. Users wishing to take part in any of these programs must book an appointment in advance, using Activenet, to reserve their spot. Book your appointment up to 30 minutes before the start of the session, depending on availability of the program. If you are late to your appointment, you will still be able to enter the pool, but will only be able to stay for the remainder of the original session you registered for. This allows staff enough time to clean the pool in between sessions. If you miss your appointment entirely, you will have to re-book for another time. You must pre-pay for your appointment, unless arrangements have been made with the staff members at the front desk before your arrival.

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