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Staying Open

I’m sure most of us would prefer the economy and our society stay open. No more yo-yo effect from closing of public spaces, or the redirecting or special procedures to function under Covid changes. When will this all be done and past, finally? This desire flows through the minds of most of us daily. Certainly, we are all in this together, but what it feels like for many is, this effect doesn’t matter.

But there is an opportunity being missed in all this melancholy colic. When we are watching so many around us going through similar personal stresses, they can seem magnified. There is a small solace in knowing this is not of our making, yet that doesn’t eliminate outer stresses or inner concerns. With a problem on mass, there seems little encouragement from the together thing, at least for addressing our personal insecurities. This can seem to justify poor behaviour.

Does this togetherness prevent job loss, due to business slowdowns and closures? Does it change the minds of greedy residential landlords, so the many who are homeless can gain a warm safe place to live? Mostly not. Does it allow those who are unvaccinated (which, incidentally, needs no defending) to feel accepted by others’ when they are reacting negatively? No.

So what good is it to be connected with others during a collective, unpleasant, prolonged experience? Let’s examine this.

Firstly, shouldn’t being in it together teach over-reactionary people to accept the pro-choice of others and prevent the labelling of them as paranoid or anti-vacs. Meaning, my body, my choice to not be vaccinated. These people have a principle belief; a preconceived established value, so it is the way they live when circumstances confront. It’s always been the mark of a stable segment of society, reinforcing stability at large. This can put the thinking mind at ease, regarding people who choose and maintain a choice. Yet, this is becoming an excuse for a new type of prejudice, in a province where we assert we are working hard against that. By the simple order of things, reacting is not original thought but a knee-jerk response to stimuli, so, it is secondary. This implies the stimulus is compelling their activity.

So, I would recommend we keep on track, stay open to difference and allow the choice of others.

With so many taking vaccinations and recommended booster shots, this should have bred a sense of security and protection for those who have taken them. So why are so many carrying an emotional uneasiness? I believe there is something more needed to impart a sense of peace in all of this.

Secondly, the media, by and large, have collaboratively propagated this new type of prejudice, tossing around the irresponsible label with disregard for lives becoming targeted by this promotion. I know of one account, locally, where an individual, after pre-ordering a meal, went to pick it up. They were unvaccinated, but were wearing an appropriate mask in the right manner. Yet, without any vaccination passport, they were threatened with physical violence by one of the employees there. This employee, misreading the recommendations, felt empowered to oppose those who didn’t show proof of vaccination. It didn’t stop there, they proceeded to yell at the customer, threatening them with physical violence, including tossing them bodily out of the establishment.

This may go further than most, but it is symptomatic of the building stress people carry. I don’t travel in the extreme population like I used to, yet I have still been present when this attitude has been shared in smaller circles.

Have you ever experienced someone being upset about something who took it out on you, when you had nothing to do with it? I’m sure, everyone is recalling the sense of injustice, right now. What about times you may have done the same? It can even seem unconnected to what one is struggling with? This is known as an emotional trigger. It’s a psychological term for anxious emotion building below the surface for a long time. Unidentified, it comes out when something is perceived as similar to what caused the emotional harm in the first place. As Shakespeare wrote, “The truth will always out.” Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene 2. This says we can never permanently bury feelings, they will always express themselves one way or another. It’s the idea we need honesty, especially within ourselves. So, if we don’t deal with our stuff, it will dump on others around and cause us to behave ugly, socially.

The Bible teaches, in Romans 12:18, “As far as it possible for you, be at peace with all men (people).” BBE

It’s important we reflect on what’s bouncin’ around in there, so we learn about ourselves. Then, it’s important to find a trusted, levelheaded friend for a confidant, to bounce things off. If you can’t, remember that’s what family is for. If that’s a no, there are professionals you can search out. Better a moment and manner we choose, then in an unexpected confrontation, wounding others.

If you are a Christian, you have the added advantage of being honest with God, who has removed judgment for those who put their trust in Christ’s sacrifice.

The main thing is to admit what’s bothering you, yield to change, and stay open to the truth on an ongoing basis. Staying open, when life seems to be conspiring against peace and security, leads to the building of both inwardly. If “the truth will always out,” then growing in personal inner peace, by facing truth, will work its way through you to touch lives around.

This, in general, is the purpose of every life, in all our various flavours. So, being in this together can be a good thing. Let’s stay open and let it flow. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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