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Staying as independent as possible with a healthy attitude. Home is where you lay your head by Tina

We all want to live our best lives, while also living and remaining at home. It is important to find the right formula for successful senior living, whether you remain at home or in a senior’s apartment.

My husband and I had planned for retirement living by preparing and renovating our home over the last seven years. It is unfortunate our health concerns conflicted with this work at times, then covid arrived, and we have not completed all the necessary maintenance. With the help of some Church members, we slowly continued to make the necessary improvements; yet it was a challenge to ask for help. Thank God for caring people.

In addition, being organized is key, this will allow you to manage your lifestyle to support independent living, but remember, setbacks and challenges can arise at any time. It was never my intention to retire two years early with a disability, but life is full of surprises.

It is a proven fact, most seniors have a tendency to be isolated as we age, but I was still surprised how covid had affected my ability to socialize with my family and friends.

Whether you are a couple or if you live alone, there are several risks associated with isolation, such as depression, physical safety, and combating loneliness. With covid and some health issues, I was not able to attend Church services or visit friends. My mental health, as well as my physical vitality, was at a standstill. I know, actively engaging in social activities and integrating into the community is vital, especially as we age, but recreational classes and activities came to a screeching halt. Companionship and friendships are vital to our emotional well-being. Without them, we can begin to feel depressed and lonely. Praise God, I am finally feeling more like myself.

Staying as independent as possible with a healthy attitude is linked to our emotional health, as well. Independent living does require modifications and changes, not only internally but externally to your home area. Its important changes are made to prevent and protect us from health and security risks. Even if you are healthy, you may still require some adaptations. If you require home modifications for better mobility and access, companies can access your home environment to recommend and install these modifications. This will be an ongoing process and important for independent living.

If you stay healthy, you will feel stronger and stay independent longer. Staying healthy is an important way to keep your independence.

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