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SNIP Animal Clinic hopes to make its home in Durham Region


NORTH DURHAM: SNIP Animal Clinic, a low-cost spay and neuter pet clinic, may be coming to Durham Region. SNIP is short for Spay, Neuter Initiatives Project.

SNIP is trying to raise $100,000, so they can open the first and only, not-for-profit, low-cost spay and neuter clinic in Durham Region. This is to secure a lease on the building and to cover the first year's applicable clinic expenses.

Once the clinic has been secured, there will be a few job positions available, including a veterinarian, administrative staff and further support staff for the vet.

After the first year, the clinic will bring in enough money to cover future expenses, according to Ms. Gerber.

"The clinic would be available for all residents, animal shelters and [animal] rescues in Durham Region," explained Emily. She is a resident of Brock Township, who works in the local animal industry for Uxbridge and Scugog townships and is on the board of directors for the registered charity SNIP.

According to Ms. Gerber, inflation has heavily affected the animal industry. Many people cannot or are having difficulties affording spay and neuter payments for their pets.

"We don't want something like that to keep people from having animals and being able to provide them with the necessary care, like spay and neuter [opportunities]," she explained.

Opening this clinic will also provide animal rescue facilities and shelters with the opportunity to get the animals they are looking after neutered, spayed and vaccinated at an affordable rate.

This will help ease the adoption process for shelters and families or people looking to adopt pets from shelters and rescues.

The Spay and Neuter Initiatives Association is looking for sponsorship donations from local groups, businesses and individuals. If you would like to consider sponsoring SNIPs, please call 905-244-3484 or email for more information.

Although SNIP's website is still a work in progress, Ms. Gerber invited people to check it out. You can visit SNIP's website, at

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