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Ski resorts will be re-opening this winter

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: Local ski resorts, Dagmar and Lakeridge, will be opening their doors in the next few weeks. When they do reopen, they will be implementing Covid-19 restrictions and following the province’s guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus.

Uxbridge town councillor, Pamela Beach, said she is impressed with what Dagmar and Lakeridge are doing. “They’re working hard because it’s not very long before they open.” Councillor Beach was amazed how each of these resorts has different ideas about how to protect their customers and staff.

Director of Operations at Lakeridge, John Tustian, said the staff at Lakeridge aren’t as concerned about implementing measures outdoors. They will be implementing and following Covid-19 restrictive guidelines as outlined by the provincial government.

People who are skiing and snowboarding will be required to wear a mask while they’re on the chairlift and waiting in line. While waiting for a chair lift to carry you up the hill, people in line will be required to keep a safe two metres apart.

“We are encouraging people to come to the hill with a group,” added Mr. Tustian. If people come in a group, they will be able to travel with people they know and are comfortable with rather than strangers.

Since others will be showing up by themselves to enjoy the snow, Mr. Tustian made it clear Lakeridge will not be ‘cramming people’ onto a chair lift. It will be difficult to socially distance on a chair lift, so that’s why masks will be mandatory while sitting on the lift.

Currently, Lakeridge is working on outside options for purchasing tickets for tubing and the lift.

According to Mr. Tustain, their chalet capacity has been extremely reduced. Inside the chalet, skiers, snowboarders and staff are required to wear a mask and keep six feet apart from each other. “That’s probably the biggest hit,” he said, referring to the reduced capacity of their chalet.

Lakeridge will be providing options to eat at their chalet, but they are still figuring out how to safely run it. They are considering takeout for their customers. Alex Nagy, the CEO at Dagmar, explained, people will be allowed into the chalets to buy drinks, food and to visit the gift shop. Purchased items cannot be returned or refunded. Customers are asked not to enter seating areas by themselves but to wait for a staff member to escort them.

The chalets will also be available for customers to use the washroom and to rent ski and snowboarding equipment. Dagmar has three chalets on their property.

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