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Shifting order

Looking at the international news recently, it sure feels like the world is shifting into chaos and ruin.

As many will have likely seen in the news recently, Israel has declared war against Hamas, after a surprise attack was launched on October 7th by Hamas. There has been a lot of finger pointing going on since then of which side is more at fault for this conflict. If I’m being honest, I don’t feel educated enough on the subject to really make a statement about it one way or the other. But, I will agree with U.S. President Joe Biden in his recent statement where he said, Israel should not let itself be consumed by rage. I’ll generalize that to both sides, when you let rage win, it will only lead to bloodshed, destruction of property and innocent casualties.

Meanwhile, Russia is continuing its assault on Ukraine in a war which has spanned over a year. This war has huge stakes for the world, as Ukraine fights to keep its sovereignty. This is something which, depending on the result, could set a precedent for future border issues.

In Afghanistan, the ruling party known as the Taliban continue to take the country backwards in terms of progress, implementing old laws and violating human rights. Oh, and we can’t forget North Korea, who is continuing to bolster their nuclear weapons program.

It can all feel very overwhelming when looking at the ongoings of the geopolitical news. Every day, it feels like the world is one step closer to a much larger, and much more involved conflict. And I feel for all the people who have been made refugees by the growing number of conflicts across the world. Those who have been forced to flee their homes and have had their daily routines and ways of life interrupted.

A couple of weeks after Thanksgiving was held, it feels more important than ever right now to count our blessings that we live in Canada, a country not currently at war.

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