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SEAGRAVE by Jean Short

As I am writing this column, I realize that there are only 10 more sleeps until the big day! I hope that everyone has their shopping list completed or close to it. On Christmas Eve at 3:30 p.m. come to Seagrave United Church and join the people in caroling throughout the village while riding on the horse-drawn wagon. Hot chocolate and treats will be available after you return to the church. Following the wagon rides, at 5 p.m., the Christmas story will be told in the Sanctuary. Everyone is welcome. Get well wishes go out to Diane Puckrin and Hans Buscher who have had surgery. Get well wishes to all who have been visited by the nasty flu and cold bugs. Happy Birthday wishes to Minister Stephanie on December 14th, Ross Short on December 20th and John Olivero on December 21st. The last “Out to Lunch” for 2019 was a full house!! A great day to see so many old friends once again. Thanks to all those who contributed to the “Pot Luck”, the clean-up crew, Betty Lou and the Nightingals. John, you and your committee did a super job. If you are a member of the Short Family Tree that has been a part of Seagrave for over a century, come out to a Pot Luck dinner on December 21st in the Friendship Hall of the Seagrave United Church at 3 p.m. Meet your aunts, uncles and cousins that you haven’t seen for a while, or perhaps someone you didn’t know you were related to. Sunday was the third Sunday in Advent, the Sunday of Joy. Shirley Lee, a member of Greenbank United Church told our Minister of a very fitting way to think of joy. J-O-Y…’J’ means ‘Jesus first’, ‘O’ means ‘others next’, and ‘Y’ means ‘you last’. Another meaningful thought is that originally people were meant to be loved, and things were meant to be used. A world of chaos happens when we love things and use people. The hymn ‘Joy to the World’ began as a poem written by Isaac Watts 400 years ago and later became the well-known hymn that we all sing today. Brooke Acton visited the birthday box on December 11th, as did Minister Stephanie on December 14th. Bill Richmond lit the Advent candles and the Christ candle. During Youth and Young-at-Heart time, Minister Stephanie read a story explaining the origins of Santa, and how he ties in with the real meaning of Christmas. Saint Nicholas was the patron saint of children, and Santa helps spread joy and love throughout the world on Christmas. The Ministry of Music was a beautiful and there was a very touching rendition of “A Hallelujah Christmas”. Irene Sutch read the Scriptures, and Tara Bailey-Taylor read the Minute for Mission. Anyone wishing to make year end /Canvass donations to Seagrave United Church, please contact Carol at 905-243-4628 or Wednesdays at Seagrave “Walk with Me Group” meets at 9 a.m. Everyone welcome. Stephanie’s office hours at Seagrave United Church are on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you wish an appointment call 905-718-8086 or email If you wish to rent the Friendship Hall, please call Rick at 905-985-8383 or

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