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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

What is the cost of a life? The life you save may be your own. Stay home! If you must go out, keep your distance, please. You are not alone, we are in this pandemic together, and we will conquer. There are blue ribbons appearing on trees in the Seagrave area to honour and thank the front line workers and others who are providing valuable services to us. Happy Birthday wishes to Isabelle Vernon and Bruce Luke, on April 1st. Get well wishes to those who are experiencing ill health. Our sincere condolences to those who have recently lost loved ones. The doors of Seagrave and Greenbank United Churches are shuttered, but we are still accessible. The Church is never closed, the people are the Church. The Little Church with a Big Heart in Seagrave continues to expand with care and love for our neighbours. Our people are making weekly phone calls to our parishioners, making sure they are well, and if they have need for anything. We have donated monies to the Scugog Food Bank. If you wish to donate a bag of food to the Scugog Food Bank, contact Doug by phone at 905-852-7057 or email him at: Leave your name, address, and phone number, and he will arrange a convenient date for the pickup of your donation. Please leave it outside your door and a volunteer will pick it up. If you wish to arrange for a grocery or medication pick up, call Minister Stephanie at 905-718-8086 or email:, and she will contact a volunteer to make arrangements. Saturday morning, Minister Stephanie and her husband Bill went throughout the hamlet of Seagrave, phoning in advance, asking people to go to their front windows. They came with smiling faces and waving arms, and with prayer bubbles. What a delightful, enjoyable way to communicate. Thank you Stephanie and Bill. If you would like a personal prayer or a visit remotely or virtually, please feel free to contact Minister Stephanie at 905-718-8086 or by emailing: Sunday services and Wednesday prayer sessions can be listened to and enjoyed, by going to Click on the Seagrave home page, then click on ‘listen to service’. Sunday, April 5th, was Palm Sunday, which signifies the beginning of Holy Week. God hears our voices, voices raised to Him! Let us journey through the shadows towards the light. Amen. Friday, April 10th, is Good Friday. There will be a Cross placed outside the church on the main steps to commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus. Sunday, April 12th, is Easter Sunday. You are welcome to place flowers on the outside steps of the church. We ask that you respect distancing if there is someone before you, and wait on the roadside until they leave. You can submit your Easter colouring pages to Minister Stephanie by email or text, and they will be placed on the doors of the church. The Greenbank Lions are selling 55 pound bags of lawn fertilizer 28-4-8 and garden fertilizer 18-18-18, for $30 a bag with free delivery. Contact Don at 905-985-3595 by April 26th. The Park Board Earth Day and Pancake Breakfast event which was scheduled for May 2nd, has been cancelled.

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