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Scugog Township to look at new ways to provide memorial recognition

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog is going to look at new ways to provide memorial recognition.

Currently, the Township offers a few avenues for people who want their loved one's memorial recognized in a Township space. People can purchase a tree or a bench and have it dedicated and placed in a Township park. There is also a park naming option.

At a recent meeting, councillors heard that Scugog's most well-known park, Palmer Park in Port Perry, is starting to fill up.

"We are finding we are running out of a little bit of space, truth be told," Scugog's Director of Community Services, Lori Bowers, said. "There are some pivotal parks, which are kind of our flagship parks, that people would look to see a memorial bench be situated. Those outskirt parks, we offer those locations, may not be so desirable."

Mayor Wilma Wotten stressed what could happen if the Township is not careful with how they handle this situation.

"Everyone's tragedy is a personal tragedy, and if we started acknowledging each and every one of them, we'll have a train of benches or a forest in Palmer Park."

Regional Councillor Ian McDougall pointed out that street naming and arena sponsorship are also potential topics of discussion in this issue.

Scugog council later approved a motion, made by Ward 3 Councillor Robert Rock, to keep the status quo for the tree and bench program for now and to have Township staff "be directed to review both the tree and bench programs, as well as the park naming policy, with consideration to broaden the opportunity for memorial recognition.”

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