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Scugog names new acting clerk

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: With a municipal service level review ongoing, and the upcoming departure of Clerk Becky Jamieson, the Township of Scugog has been forced to name an interim municipal clerk.

On Wednesday, July 5th, the Township held a special council meeting, to adopt a bylaw appointing Ralph Walton as interim clerk for the Township. Mr. Walton officially took on the role, Monday, July 10th.

“Becky is leaving for another job and career opportunity. Normally, we would fill the Director role immediately. However, considering we’ve started a service level review, focused on the services we deliver and the structure, it complicated filling the position permanently. So, we decided to step back and try to find someone to fill the role on a temporary basis,” CAO Ken Nix explained.

Scugog’s clerk also serves as Director of Corporate Services. Ms. Jamieson was hired by Scugog Township in 2021, to serve as clerk and Director of Corporate Services. She had previously been Brock Township’s municipal clerk. According to a press release from the Town of Stouffville, Ms. Jamieson has been hired there to work as their municipality’s Director of Corporate Services and Town Clerk.

“I am honoured to join the Town of Stouffville, as the Director of Corporate Services and Town Clerk. I look forward to building on the strong foundation already in place and contributing to Stouffville’s continued success,” Ms. Jamieson said, in a statement.

Mr. Nix explained why the Township selected Mr. Walton to fill the clerk role, on a temporary basis.

“We were able to find someone with great experience and knowledge in terms of legislative services, and someone [who is] known for supporting and developing staff,” he stated. “He’s previously been at the Region of Niagara, [and the] Region of Durham. He [also] worked for the provincial government in the past and he also understands smaller municipalities because he did an acting role in Brock as their acting CAO.”

Mayor Wilma Wotten also complimented Mr. Walton’s past work.

“Ralph, in the time I knew him, while he was at the Region [of Durham], he served the Region well, and served me personally well with my questions and forming my motions. I am confident he will help guide us in our deliberations as we move forward, until such time as we hire a full-time clerk.”

Jokingly, Regional Councillor Ian McDougall asked if the bylaw did not pass, would that mean Ms. Jamieson would have to stay as clerk.

“I’m afraid not,” Mayor Wotten responded, with a chuckle.

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