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Reset your finances for 2021

(NC) Although many of us may know what to do, taking steps to practice sound money management is often easier said than done. Fortunately, by refreshing your financial knowledge and following a few tips, you can start the new year off on the right track.

  1. Reflect on your values Take a moment to check in on the values that are most important to you and see how they’re reflected in what you’re spending.

  2. Set a financial goal Having a goal is a great way to focus your budgeting and planning.

  3. Make a budget It’s important to have a clear picture of your money coming in and going out to help you manage your finances. Start by creating a month-by-month or a week-by-week plan.

  4. File your taxes Keeping up with tax filing allows you to access and remain eligible for various tax credits and benefits.

  5. Set aside an emergency fund Find a way to set aside some money to fall back on when you have a financial shock – even a small amount can help. Need some help putting this into action? Contact one of our advertisers, found on this page.

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