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Reimagining Uxbridge

Dr. JENSEN & Dr. WILSON, Uxbridge Cottage Hospital

UXBRIDGE: Change, the only constant in life, the only thing we can always expect, remains one of our most significant challenges. While there are times when change is welcome, frequently our first response is to resist any change. Can you believe humans once opposed coffee, refrigeration, cell phones and the computer? Change can mean losing a piece of our identity or lifestyle and may appear to separate us from our sense of purpose. But change is inevitable, and it can create new and beautiful realities. Isn’t it interesting to reflect on the changes we’ve all made so quickly during this pandemic? Two months ago, online education, virtual doctor visits, working from home, avoiding handshakes, and ordering groceries online would have seemed unfathomable. But we made the changes, and our community has done an incredible job averting a crisis that has claimed so many lives around the world. This week, Governor Cuomo of New York challenged his city, devastated by COVID-19, to re-imagine their city and their lives in a safer and stronger future. While we have some time on our hands during this state of emergency, let’s begin to re-imagine how our individual lives and the life of our community could look, in the weeks and months to come. This exercise can re-frame the fear of change to an excitement about an envisioned future. One where we, can adhere to new physical distancing, yet, still have fulsome and enjoyable lives. How can we support our local businesses moving forward? How can we visit our seniors or other vulnerable loved ones? How will our service providers perform their work safely and effectively? How can we have fun? How can we stay fit? How can we celebrate together? How can we worship together? We love this community and are so proud of how we have all responded to COVID-19. Many of you appear to be well on your way to re-imagining your life, your business and your art and song. We are deeply thankful for all of the incredible contributions, gestures of kindness, and support you have given to one another, our health care team, and essential workers. Let’s continue to stay home, stay healthy, protect one another and re-imagine a sustainable future together. Now is the time for creativity, growth and resilience. Carlye & Jennifer

Dr. Carlye Jensen is the Chief of Uxbridge Cottage Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Wilson is the President of Uxbridge Health Centre PS: This is our 9th community newsletter since COVID-19 hit. We will be slowing down the frequency of these communications now, to once monthly.

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