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Regional Council approves 2020 water rates

NORTH DURHAM: Durham Regional Council recently approved the 2020 water and sanitary sewer user rates, with a combined increase of 2.3 percent. According to staff at the Region, this increase would equate to $5.56 per quarterly billing ($22.24 per year) for the average Durham Region household. This represents an increase of less than seven cents a day for the average residential customer. “Durham Region continues to deliver essential services which protects the water environment and provides safe, clean water for all our residents,” explained John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “This modest increase in user rates supports the continued investment in maintaining and renewing infrastructure while servicing growth within our urban areas.” Besides ongoing maintenance and operation of the water and sanitary sewer system, Durham Region has several major projects in 2020 including the replacement of 20 kilometres of pipes and two facilities. These approved user rates–which cover costs related to system operation and capital projects–took effect on January 1st, 2020. Durham Region’s water and sanitary sewer rates are one of the lowest of the 13 larger municipalities in Ontario and fall below the average rate of these 13 larger municipalities. It requires continued investment in an aging municipal water system to protect this important resource, and to meet obligations under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Region’s water and sanitary sewer rates are reviewed on an annual basis, with recommendations made to Regional Council in December. For more information on Durham Region’s water and sewer rate increases visit

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