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Region of Durham wants the community to help local non-profit organizations

DAN CEARNS The Standard

DURHAM: The Region of Durham is sending out a plea to residents to support local non-profit organizations.

In a press release sent out on Tuesday, September 5th, the Region explained why supporting these organizations is now more important than ever.

"The charitable and non-profit sector is important for healthy and vibrant communities across Durham. The sector involves community agencies which provide programs and services for many aspects of a resident's life at all ages and stages, supporting key issues impacting our community. These include food insecurity, homelessness, mental health, social isolation, addictions, human trafficking, job loss, and housing, among many others," the release stated. "While charities and non-profits may receive funding from government sources, they rely heavily on local donations and volunteers to sustain needed programs and services. The Region of Durham is encouraging residents to provide support to local non-profit agencies through donations of food and clothing, volunteering time and expertise, and when possible, giving to local charities or non-profits that make a difference in our community."

In the release, the Region stated they've found these organizations are "experiencing declining donations following the pandemic and a volunteer shortage at a time when the demand for their services is increasing."

"The success of Durham Region's non-profit sector is critical to the health and well-being of our community. The Region of Durham's Social Services Department is developing a community investment framework to support our local non-profit sector," the release concluded.

For more information on how to support non-profit organizations in the Durham Region, go online to

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