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Region of Durham seeks members for Beaverton Supportive Housing Community Liaison Committee

DURHAM: The Region of Durham is seeking 10 representatives from the Brock community to serve on the Beaverton Supportive Housing Community Liaison Committee and provide valuable input on the Beaverton Supportive Housing Project.

Interested residents are asked to submit a letter of interest [which] includes what they would contribute to the committee. Representation from community groups is highly encouraged. For individuals who are representing a community group, the letter should identify the group and how they were selected to act as a representative. Reference letters, from community groups, are welcome.

Applicants must reside or work in Brock, or otherwise be connected to the community, and be available to attend monthly meetings. Committee members will be responsible for attending and participating in all meetings, sharing information, contributing to meaningful dialogue in good faith, and providing input to promote the successful integration of this project within the Brock community.

Submissions should be sent via email to by May 13th, 2021. Committee meetings will be held monthly. The first meeting is scheduled to take place, virtually, in May.

Additional information regarding the Beaverton Supportive Housing Project is available at

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