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Region of Durham Commits $2.75 Million Toward Affordable Housing in Uxbridge

UXBRIDGE: The Township of Uxbridge is very pleased to announce, the Region of Durham has committed $2.75 million in funding, through the At Home Incentive Program, to support Kindred Works developing 25 affordable units in Uxbridge.

Kindred Works plans to build 105 rental homes, with 25 of the units being affordable rental housing, within the two six-storey buildings, located at 15-23 Main Street North, Uxbridge. This redevelopment will take place at the Trinity United Church site. For this redevelopment, 20 percent of the units would be barrier-free. It will also provide rental opportunities to groups who have historically been denied access, including Indigenous Peoples, recent immigrants and persons with disabilities.

“The Region of Durham is pleased to commit $2.75 million to Kindred Works, to support the development of affordable rental housing in Uxbridge. This funding is through the At Home Incentive Program, which encourages the development of new affordable rental housing, via funding and expedited planning approvals. The Region continues to work with private and public sector partners to improve housing choice, affordability, and sustainability in our community,” stated John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Region of Durham.

"This is a fantastic initiative for downtown Uxbridge," said Mayor Dave Barton. "Creating affordable housing in this area will not only stimulate the local economy but also support those who work here. The Region's $2.75 million commitment, through the At Home Incentive Program, addresses the urgent need for affordable housing in Uxbridge and ensures the availability of barrier-free homes in our community."

Learn more about Kindred Works’ Trinity Development at

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