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Region introduces new organics collection program for multi-residential buildings


NORTH DURHAM: For nearly 20 years, the green bin for organic waste has been an important part of diverting waste from local landfills, while providing valuable compost to local communities. In 2024, Durham Region will be expanding these efforts to include multi-residential buildings.

The measure was adopted by Regional Council in late December, and local councils recently received an update, from the Region, outlining the expanded program and its benefits.

According to a staff report, work began on the project in early 2023, as regional staff sought to better collect organic waste from multi-residential dwellings, such as apartment buildings. Expanding collection, to include multi-residential buildings, represented “the best opportunity for the Region, for additional waste diversion, beyond expanding the curbside Green Bin program,” according to the report from the Region.

The report is careful to point out, the expanded green bin collection will likely be phased in over several years, owing to the uniqueness of every building and the fluctuations in storage capacity at each individual location.

Most of the buildings currently serviced by the Region are located in the communities along the 401 corridor (Clarington, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, and Pickering). Currently, the Region provides waste collection to 20 buildings across North Durham, accounting for approximately 900 residential units.

In January 2022, the Region approved a new Long-term Waste Management Plan, which is intended to serve the community through 2040. According to the Region’s 2022 annual report, more than 60,000 tonnes of organic waste (green bins and yard waste) was collected in Durham.

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