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Rainbow International Restoration

Seconds Matter When Your Home or Business is Under Attack from Fire, Flooding and Heavy Winds

When your home or business is under attack from fire, flooding or heavy winds, it is imperative an immediate response is taken, to effectively minimize damage to your valuables and assets.  Rainbow International Restoration is a “firetruck ready” service, on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing the speedy, effective, and certified professional attention required. Jim and Brenda Howard, owners of Rainbow International Restoration-Oshawa, have the equipment, know how, and contacts with all other service providers, to ensure there will be an immediate and coordinated effort for all emergency calls affecting your property. This will give you peace of mind, and help you to move forward, as the company states, “Happily, Even after.” Rainbow International Restoration was founded 38 years ago in the United States, and has now expanded into 8 countries, partnering with top emergency response organizations, and working with all insurance companies, to help their clients with their restoration.  Brenda Howard said, “we are set apart from other companies by our code of values, which we refer to as RICH. R is for respect, I is for integrity, C is for customer focus, and H is for having fun in the process. Every day before we begin work, we review these values with our staff and we discuss their importance. My husband, Jim, and I are Christians, and we feel that the values that this company adheres to aligns very well with our own values. We care about the people we provide service for, and they are treated as if they were family. We go the extra mile for everyone, because when we respond to a call, we know that our customers are facing a very difficult situation.”  Just recently, Jim and Brenda were called by a client in distress, as a tide of water began encroaching on his barn threatening to flood and damage 25 antique cars being stored there. Immediately, they knew what to do, and enlisted the help of Martyn’s Mini Hoe Services, who arrived shortly, and dug trenches around the barn, saving the cars. In another instance, an office in Oshawa was seriously damaged by smoke, caused from a fire in the stairwell of the building, and was uninhabitable, seriously affecting the business’ ability to continue operations which threatened its viability. But within three days, Jim and Brenda, coordinating with other services, restored the office, and all 100 employees were able to return to their jobs.  Brenda Howard explained,“we can respond to so many other different challenges for home and business restorations, such as: mould remediation; odour removal; cleaning services inside and out; trauma cleanup; damage caused from high winds, utilizing cranes for tree removal; reconstruction of buildings; and response to floods from internal leaking pipes or external waters flowing in; or sewage backup. We have also worked with many real estate agents to prepare and upgrade homes for the marketplace.” Megan McCalmont recently experienced an emergency situation, when her home began flooding, for the first time in 17 years, because of the spring snow melt. Water came rushing down a hill, located nearby, and flowed into her basement window creating a waterfall, also washing across her electrical panel. Megan said, “I panicked, and called a friend who called Rainbow (International Restoration) and they were here within a half an hour. They brought pumps out immediately, and reassured me that they could take care of what was happening. I was not well at the time, and Jim and Brenda told me to rest, and that they would take care of everything. They brought in other people, and the cleanup was done within days. I was so sick during this time, and couldn’t eat and I remember I told Brenda that I was really craving a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds. Well, the next day, Brenda made arrangements, and the milkshake was delivered to me, along with some flowers. They took care of me, and took very good care of all my valuables in my home as if it were their own. I can’t say enough about how much better they made everything work out.” To find out more about Jim and Brenda Howard’s Rainbow International Restoration-Oshawa, which provides service throughout Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes, you can call (905) 266-2884, or go to their website, at There is also information on Facebook, at Rainbow International Restoration.


Rainbow International Restoration


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