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Province invests in local employment programs

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DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

DURHAM: The Ontario provincial government is helping to fund employment related programs delivered by Durham College. On Thursday, July 16th, MPPs Lindsey Park and Lorne Coe announced a funding commitment of $8,966,831 to a number of programs related to employment. These include the Canada-Ontario Job Grant receiving $224,481, the local employment service managed by Durham College receiving $2,017,366, the Literacy and Basic Skills program receiving $1,620,581, the Youth Job Connection and Youth Job Connection: Summer programs receiving $381,900, the In-Class Training program receiving $4,131,946, and the Apprenticeship Enhancement Fund receiving $590,557. A provincial press release explained, “Every year, Durham College delivers Employment Ontario programs for the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.” With COVID-19 continuing to impact the province, MPP Park highlighted the importance of this funding and these programs. “These definitely have been unusual and challenging times for so many. As we begin to reopen the economy across the province, allowing businesses to open their doors again, we can’t forget the many people who have lost their jobs during this difficult time,” she said. “There are many who are looking to add new skills, to meet the demand of the post-pandemic economic environment within their workplace, or add tools to their tool belt so they can expand their horizons and look at new job opportunities in a changing job market.” Durham College president Don Lovisa expressed his pleasure with the province continuing to invest in Durham College. “We’re very happy, very pleased with that, especially given where we are with post-COVID [planning]. These services are essential for helping people get back to work, whether or not they need training, like literacy training, or they just need help with a resume and job skills and coaching on how to get that next job. It’s critical to us as a college, it’s critical to our communities, and we’re pleased with the ongoing support,” he said.


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