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Potential Covid-19 workplace solution, created by local business


SCUGOG: Lev-Co has created an air filtration system, designed for meeting rooms and lunchrooms to capture and filter out virus particles, like Covid-19. “Our passion here [at Lev-Co] is to help breathe clean air, in a true, accountable way,” said Robert Dinsmore, owner and president of Lev-Co, located at 182 North Port Road, Unit 3, in Port Perry. A machine like this allows for people to sit near each other while being protected by clean, filtered air. Using an improved ventilation method like this can help workplaces get back to work and be protected. The product was made in partnership with a company in Sweden called Plymoth AB. They made part of the machine for Lev-Co., but the brand name and label both say Lev-Co. This air filtration system is coming out on the market during the first week of January 2021. Prior to its approval date, Mr. Dinsmore said the machine has been undergoing testing for about nine months. “It’s quite unique,” he explained, referring to the machine.

One of the major reasons Lev-Co decided to create this product, is because they noticed that not a lot of people were targeting Covid-19 preventions via air filtering. This machine will be running between ten and twelve-thousand Canadian dollars, per system. They will be commercially available at Lev-Co’s Port Perry location. Most of the heavy fabrication is outsourced and completed in other countries. They’ve worked with subcontractors in Italy, Sweden and the U.S. Some of Lev-Co’s “bigger customers”, as Mr. Dinsmore described have included General Motors, Imperial Oil and Air Canada. “We’re very proud of being from Port Perry. We love this town,” he added. He worked for Nederman Canada, a family-run business, part-time, for about 11 years, from 1974 to 1985. According to Mr. Dinsmore, Nederman was the first company in North America to sell specialized air filtration systems. After college, Mr. Dinsmore officially joined the Nederman team as a full-time staff member. He worked in all of the positions within the company, shipping, sales, training and purchasing. After leaving Nederman in 1990, Mr. Dinsmore teamed up with Plymovent. During his time there, he founded and owned 20 percent of Plymovent, Canada. He was the president of Plymovent for the Canadian branch, and the senior VP of sales for the U.S. branch. In response to a market filled with low quality, faulty air filtering systems, Lev-co was started, in 1998, with the goal of creating performance, guaranteed air quality filtration systems. Lev-Co’s slogan is ‘Breathe easier tomorrow by working with Lev-co today.’ During this pandemic there is no greater need. To learn more about Lev-Co view their website, at To contact them to see what they can do for your business call them, at 905-831-7001 or toll free at 1-888-862-5356. You can also reach them by e-mail, at

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