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Port Perry Scouts celebrating a milestone 100th anniversary this year

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: The 1st Port Perry Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary in the community this year.

Some of the plans to celebrate this anniversary include a group camp in May, doing 100 acts of service, as well as a celebration on June 3rd and June 4th at the Scout Hall, with a potential parade to kickstart it.

“We have a few more ideas, but they haven’t quite landed yet,” Ellen Greenough of the 1st Port Perry Scouts told The Standard.

Ms. Greenough has been working with the local scout group since 1987.

“It’s been good right from day one. I started out because my son was in Cubs, and they needed people [at the time]. My husband started as a Cub leader at the same time,” she explained. “We stayed because we enjoy it.”

Some of the highlights of her time with this group which she mentioned included planting the 50 millionth tree at McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, celebrating the 75th and 90th anniversaries with the community, and hosting ventures and leaders from Wales in 2019.

Ms. Greenough discussed why she thinks the local Scouts have continued to thrive for this long.

“We have good, dedicated leaders, and we have excellent support from our community.”

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