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Port Perry resident celebrates her 100th birthday

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: A Port Perry woman recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Carmel Russell’s birthday was on Saturday, August 6th and her celebration even featured an appearance from Scugog Mayor Bobbie Drew.

Pointing to an array of birthday cards she received, Ms. Russell described her birthday party as “super” and noted she believed all the residents in her building came to visit her.

When asked for any tips on how to live a good long life, Ms. Russell has one piece of advice.

“Live it as it comes,” she said.

Ms. Russell has three children, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Her daughter, Ann, has some positive memories of their family’s travels.

“My father was good with wanting to go different places, and my mom would find different places to visit. We did come from Ireland when we were young, and then my father transferred from Quebec to here, when his company moved to Ontario.”

She also described what it was like growing up with her mother.

“She’s always been there. That hasn’t been an issue. We’ve learnt different traditions from her, being Irish, and my father being English. Respect [and] helping others, was the main thing [she stressed]. And to take care of what you have.”

The Port Perry community reminds Ms. Russell of her home country of Ireland.

“When I came here, you walk along the street, and everybody smiles at you or says ‘hi’ [to you]. It was like Dublin, like my Irish home,” she explained.

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