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Port Perry HS hosts healthcare career fair


SCUGOG: Port Perry High School students Talia Beaune and Nicole Giannini, paired with HealthCare teacher Ms. Brownson and Dr. Amita Dayal, to arrange a HealthCare Career Fair on Wednesday, May 29th. The focus of the fair was to bring to the forefront the different aspects of the medical profession for students to consider as a career path. They invited various healthcare professionals to create information booths and be available to answer questions, discuss challenges they have faced in their role and share their work-related experiences. Many students are unsure of their future career path; this HealthCare Fair allowed them to see what each profession entailed, from the required schooling needed to obtain the degree or certificate to its job description.

The fair also highlighted the importance of pursuing a career in health care where we are encountering shortages in health providers. "People in grades 10 and 11 are choosing what they can do right now. If we can get them to see what careers are available, that would be great," said Talia.

Nicole acknowledged this, adding, "We wanted The HealthCare Career Fair to help students see the different aspects of the HealthCare system and how they all come together and create it."

Port Perry High School offers a HealthCare program in grades 10, 11 and 12. Upon completing this program, students can obtain a specialized certificate in HealthCare. Dr. Amita Dayal values this program stating, "Students learn so much like medical abbreviations and HealthCare vocabulary. For those students who are going straight into a program out of high school, they will use this all the time."

In addition to this program and the HealthCare Career Fair, Port Perry High School students have access to valuable health care career path information.

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