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Pine Ridge Garden Club News

HELEN NICOLAOU, Special to The Standard

SCUGOG: Waking up Sunday morning to a winter wonderland certainly signified the end of another gardening season.

This gives us a chance to relax in a favourite chair and catch up on past articles or flip through the 2023 Seed Catalogues. The pictures always entice me to buy more packs of seeds than I actually use in my garden. I am guilty of buying fresh seeds every spring and still keeping the unused packs from the previous year. I question the “sell by date” stamped on the back of the package, wondering if I should take the chance of seeds failing to germinate during our short growing season. Turns out you can check the viability of your old seeds by doing a germination test. Place about ten seeds in a wet paper towel and keep the paper towel damp in a plastic bag. Then after five to ten days, if only half of the seeds germinate, you will know to plant twice as many seeds as you want to grow to maturity. Also, for the best seed life, store your seeds in a sealed plastic container in the fridge or freezer. Although not 100 percent, many seeds are viable anywhere from two to five years, depending on variety and proper storage.

Tuesday, November 1st Gail Marie Cameron of Village Florist and Gifts was on hand to inspire 31 members to create their own Holiday centrepiece. Gail supplied a variety of fresh pine boughs, fir, cedar and euyonomus. Members brought in accents to personalize their arrangements and were amazed at their finished, ready-to-take-home piece. Thank you, Gail, for an enjoyable evening and a successful workshop. As always, the refreshments served after the workshop was a wonderful treat.

Our final Pine Ridge Garden Club Meeting for 2022 will be held on Tuesday, December 6th, at 6:30 p.m. No need to worry about cooking a whole meal as we will be setting up for a Potluck Supper. This evening will include our year-end Annual General Meeting, Election of Officers, Awards and Door Prizes.

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